PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Every day at 11:00 a.m., the county provides the latest numbers regarding COVID-19 cases, including hospitalizations and deaths.

However, those numbers are generalized. So, how does one find out more information?

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Turns out it’s as close as your mouse or a click of your finger.

Since Allegheny County has been providing numbers, they have been posting them on an interactive website and a search of Allegheny County, results will be provided.

View The Allegheny County Interactive Map

All of these statistics are available and there are many ways to interpret what is being presented.

The system is far from perfect, and there is a lag in getting the test results to the county.

The 331 positive cases reported on Tuesday were cases that date back to June 8. The positive cases, which are reflected in the Allegheny County Interactive Map, go all the way back to the beginning of the pandemic.

Those delays do not mean that suddenly a lot more people are sick.

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However, what can we do with all this information?

WATCH: John Shumway’s interview with Dr. Lee Harrison

KDKA’s John Shumway spoke with the chairman of the Allegheny County Board of Health.

“I think it’s great we have very specific neighborhood date on COVID cases, but in reality, we know the virus is widely circulating in this region and we should assume that basically we have COVID in our communities and therefore the same precautions we always take for COVID should apply basically,” said Dr. Lee Harrison, Chairman of the Allegheny County Board of Health.

A lot of people just want to see an end to the pandemic, so is that in the future?

“Clearly we need a vaccine and it’s hard to predict when we’ll have a vaccine,” Dr. Harrison said. “If it’s safe and a majority of the population gets vaccinated, that could be the beginning of the end.”

Dr. Harrison pointed out that CDC estimates that for every case diagnosed, there are 10 that go undiagnosed.

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All of this information and the breakdown of the numbers mean that health professionals will tell people they should just reinforce the need to continue safety efforts – wearing a mask, sanitizing, social distancing, and others indefinitely.