By Amy Wadas

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Police, fire, and EMS crews were on the scene of a house fire in Bellevue.

Crews were called to the scene around 8:30 on Friday morning when a home in the 100 block of Grant Avenue caught fire.

Dave Mundorf lives down the street and says he noticed smoke around 8 in the morning Friday.

“It looks like a parade with all firetrucks,” said Mundorf. “I was washing my car. The girl across the street said look. I look up in the sky and saw black smoke.”

Firefighters used all the help they could get to put the fire out in the five-unit apartment building.

“The heat and humidity ended up going to five alarms to keep crews cycled out and hydrated,” said Bellevue Assistant Fire Chief Glenn Pritchard.

Pritchard said one person was inside the building and managed to get out safely.

Firefighters had some minor injuries.

“We had a couple minor injuries. Heat-related things nothing requiring transport for firefighters. Everyone could stay here and keep working,” said Pritchard.

It took some time for firefighters to put the flames out.

“When we pulled up we did have fire coming out of the front door and a couple windows on the first floor so it’s a pretty good assumption that it may have started there but the fire marshal is going to have to determine it for sure,” said Pritchard.

“The side’s all gone,” said Mundorf. “It’s totaled.”

No injuries have been reported.