'If every human being was like Sheila, the world would be a better place'By Ross Guidotti

GREENSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) – On any given day, somewhere in the canyons of cardboard and canned foods that make up the Westmoreland County Food Bank warehouse, you’ll find volunteer extraordinaire Sheila Dicroce.

“I guess I feel the need to get back. I’ve been blessed all of my life, and I believe in volunteering,” she told KDKA.

But Sheila isn’t just your average volunteer. As Westmoreland County Food Bank CEO Jennifer Miller put it: “Every food bank, every nonprofit, should have a Sheila.”

Sheila, an unassuming woman from Export, has dedicated a lot of her time and effort to one thing: making sure no one goes hungry.

But she has some tasks she likes more than others. Her favorite task at the food bank is either making the boxes that the food goes into for hungry families or crushing used up cardboard and waste in the organization’s cardboard crusher.

She’s so loved and admired for her tireless volunteer efforts she’s earned the title “lunch angel.”

Food bank volunteers and staff say when Sheila’s not making sure the community has something to eat, on her off days she’s lining up lunches for her and the others at the food bank.

Sheila is a grandmother, which is yet another motivator for this amazing lady to pack boxes and feed hungry mouths.

Just to it make clear, Sheila wasn’t exactly comfortable with the accolades, but that’s to be expected. Angels are servants — and humble ones at that.

Jennifer Miller perhaps said it best.

“If every human being was like Sheila, the world would be a better place,” Miller told KDKA.

According to Sheila, it’s not too hard to be a good person. Her instructions are simple: “to make a difference, start with yourself.”