He received two bags of KN95 masks.

By: KDKA’s Jennifer Borrasso

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. (KDKA) — First, there were reports of unsolicited seeds from China. Now, it’s face masks.

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Michelle Barron of Hickory, a small town outside of Burgettstown, contacted KDKA after she said a package from Shanghai, China arrived in her son’s mailbox last week. He received two bags of KN95 masks, which he did not order.

“I’m thinking this is really odd, especially when I didn’t order anything and it’s showing up,” Barron told KDKA’s Jennifer Borrasso.

The package had her son’s address on it, but her name and phone number. It also said $20 dollars on the label.

“I didn’t know where they came from. I don’t know why I received these things. I have no clue,” Barron said.

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Barron’s first move was to contact the Washington County Health Department.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“They told me to call the police. He said to dispose of them. But it bothered me, I didn’t like that answer,” Barron said.

She is also monitoring her checking account and holding onto the masks, hoping to get answers.

“I just keep them tied up and sealed,” Barron said.

Caitlin Driscoll, a spokesperson for the Better Business Bureau, told KDKA that so-called brushing scams, where boxes of merchandise that were not ordered show up, are happening all over. The BBB says customers should first notify the retailer, but they say beware because these people have access to some of your personal information.

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If you encounter a brushing scam, you are allowed to keep the merchandise, according to the Federal Trade Commission.