Starting today, seniors can begin picking up laptops and Chromebooks for online learning.By Lindsay Ward

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Starting today, the push to get the necessary technology to Pittsburgh Public School students will begin.

Seniors at Pittsburgh Public Schools will be the first to start this computer exchange distribution program.

With the school decided to make the first nine weeks of the school year online, these devices will be essential for learning.

School is scheduled to begin on August 31 and it’s been a challenge for the district to get enough laptops and Chromebooks ready for the beginning of the year.

Pittsburgh Public Schools has 23,000 students and because of the enormous demand, there is a backlog.

Another issue is that last year’s technology has become outdated so laptops need to be returned to the district in order to install new technology.

At last check, the district has ordered over 26,000 devices for students and teachers but only 7,000 have arrived.

“They haven’t arrived, we’re going to have to move on and make sure that our students get their education and that’s what’s important,” said Dr. Ted Dwyer, the Chief Accountability Officer for Pittsburgh Public Schools.

While today is for seniors, each grade has a different day for exchange and distribution.

The list of dates and locations can be found on the Pittsburgh Public Schools website.

Internet access is also a huge factor in all of this, as well.

The district has told KDKA they are working with Comcast and others to make sure there is access for all students.