The Penguins are out of the playoffs and Pirates are struggling, a mixture not bringing much joy to Pittsburgh sports fans.By Shelby Cassesse

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – In a year riddled with the unexpected, the Penguins season came to an unexpected close Thursday.

In a 3-1 series loss, the Penguins were eliminated in the Stanley Cup Qualifying Round by the Montreal Canadiens.

Penguins fans waited almost five months for hockey to return, only for it to end in six days.

“Okay, they started, and then the other day, it’s like, we’re out,” said fan Kelly Bender. “I’m like, out? What do you mean we’re out?”

The Penguins were overwhelming favorites in the series, considering the Canadiens had the worst regular-season record of any team in the postseason.

“I just didn’t think they’d have the team chemistry just after being out so long,” said Ryan Krist.

Now, Penguins fans wonder what comes next for the team that has lost nine of their last ten playoff games.

“They need to start reforming and going back into their speed-based offense,” said Bradshaw Staudt. “Also, especially building up defensemen.”

Fans looking for a cure to their COVID blues in the Pirates aren’t likely to find it there either.

The Pirates are now 3-12 with the worst record in Major League Baseball.

However, some fans are just glad to have sports back once again, even if it does involve disappointment.

“It’s nice that they’re back,” said Leon Bender. “I wish they could be doing a little bit better, but given the climate we’re in, I’m just excited they’re back.”

Shelby Cassesse