Precious Gantt is in jail after an eventful 24 hours of alleged criminal activity.By Ross Guidotti

WESTMORELAND COUNTY, Pa. (KDKA) — A Jeannette woman is in jail after she allegedly threatened to kill police officers, neighbors and people working at the Westmoreland County Emergency Operations Center.

“I wouldn’t want to be nowhere near her because I have been threatened so many times. I don’t know what she has on her. I don’t know what she’s capable of,” one neighbor said.

The neighbor we spoke to didn’t want to be identified, but she’s talking about Precious Gantt of Jeannette. The 36-year-old is in jail after an eventful 24 hours of alleged criminal activity.

It started Thursday when Gantt was accused of threatening to kill the staff at a Dollar General in Jeannette, as well as police officers and any white person she saw. By the time police arrived, Gantt walked to her home on South 5th St. where she allegedly threatened her neighbor before going inside.

The same neighbor told us that Gantt threatened her life late Thursday night.

“She’s outside swearing, saying, ‘I’m gonna kill, you fat b. I’m gonna break into your house and I’m gonna kill you,'” the neighbor said.

Jeannette police arrived shortly afterward to arrest Gantt for the alleged Dollar General incident. She refused to open the front door, and police officers ended up having to kick the door in.

According to court records, they were eventually able to get Gantt out of her home. She was completely naked when they handcuffed her, apparently believing they wouldn’t arrest her if she had no clothes on. She also allegedly spit in a Jeannette police officer’s face.

Investigators say once at the police station, Gantt continued to act unruly, tearing up clothes given to her and stuffing them down the toilet in an attempt to flood the cell.

Police say before her arrest, Gantt called the Westmoreland County Emergency Operations Center threatening staff there to the point the building was put on lockdown and everyone walking outside had to have an escort.

In addition to allegedly threatening people here at the Westmoreland County Emergency Operations Center, Gantt was also on the phone with the FBI, according to court documents and police sources. She allegedly called them more than 100 times.

Neighbors tell KDKA that Gantt has an alleged “hit list.” She faces aggravated assault, terroristic threats, resisting arrest, harassment and other charges.