He allegedly repeatedly told the victims that "people are going to die tonight."By Ross Guidotti

DERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) – A Westmoreland County man is facing three counts of attempted murder in connection with a triple stabbing.

“I’m shocked we didn’t have a triple homicide by looking at all the blood and the injuries,” says Trooper Stephen Limani.

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The person who allegedly created the crime scene: 26-year-old Nicholas Joseph McIntyre of Latrobe. Troopers say he broke into a Derry Township home with a knife in hand. The first person he ran into was Adam Rousson, a Canadian citizen who just happened to be in town for a visit.

He confronted McIntyre, who police say allegedly stabbed Rousson repeatedly in the back. The next targets of the attack were Karen Short and Amber Short. Police say Amber Short and McIntyre were once a couple.

“He hit these people with baseball bats, stabbing them, bit them — bit them on the neck and lips,” says Limani.

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The knife-wielding suspect allegedly told the victims repeatedly that “people are going to die tonight.”

But as quick as it began, it was over. Police say McIntyre ran out of the house with the victims’ cell phones as the three victims were perhaps minutes away from dying.

According to police, Adam Rossoun was stabbed repeatedly, beaten about the head and had his face and neck chewed at by the assailant. Somehow he managed to leave the apartment to go down the street in an effort to find help.

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It was at a convenience store that Rousson got help.

“I think he saved their lives. He’s a hero,” says Cathy Tarr.

McIntyre was taken into custody in the woods off railroad tracks near the crime scene. A neighbor and a family member tells KDKA Nicholas McIntyre is and has been a threat for sometime.

“He’ll walk up and down the road and scream at the house,” says Erica Surin, a victim’s friend. “We’ve had incidences of him trying to kick the door in.”

“Very, very dangerous person,” said victim’s family member Cathy Tarr. “They’ve been to court several times. My sister has a no-contact order. He’s been in jail several times — asked not to have any contact.”

All three victims were taken to a trauma center. Rousson and Karen Short remain in the ICU. Both have undergone extensive surgeries. Amber Short, despite her injuries, is expected to be released from the hospital soon.

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McIntyre is being held in the Westmoreland County Jail without bond.