The two areas which seemed to have become pastimes are now seeing a resurgence.

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Trading cards and comic books used to be a part of every child’s possessions.

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Technology saw both fall in favor but now there’s a new demand.

Some comic book store owners say they weren’t sure what to expect when they reopened and have been shocked with the amount of business.

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“People were coming in and buying comic books and a lot of trading cards and buying a lot of supplies,” said Larry Zjaba, owner of B & L Comics, Cards, and Nostalgia.

Zjaba went on to say that he has been selling a lot of back issues, which is what has been helping to support him and keep his bills paid.

With no sports on television, sports cards have become the next best thing.

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eBay has reported massive spikes on sports card sales, in some cases doubling what they saw last year.