"I'm comfortable with it as long as they have proper protocols in place and it seems like they've been on top of that so far," said a North Hills parent.By Nicole Ford

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Most school districts in our area are already a month into the new year. Now many are looking to make a change when it comes to how the kids are learning.

“I’m glad they did start with cyber, just online, because we didn’t know where it was going before,” said Krystna Kokowski, who has two children in the North Hills School District.

The North Hills School Board is set to vote on the model change at Thursday night’s meeting. If approved, parents will have the option to send their child for in-person instruction two days a week.

“I do think it’s good because the teacher knows them better in-person and one-on-one, so that’s good. I’m comfortable with it as long as they have proper protocols in place and it seems like they’ve been on top of that so far,” Kokowski said.

North Hills is not the only district looking to make some changes.

“I’m recommending that we target the beginning of in-person instruction in that hybrid manner starting October 5th,” said Mt. Lebanon School Superintendent Dr. Timothy Steinhauer.

On Monday, the Mt. Lebanon School superintendent and school board started the discussion of reopening the schools for in-person instruction. Whether this will happen depends on the staffing and how many students will opt into this transition, according to Steinhauer.

In the Plum School District, School Director Mike Devine told KDKA students will transition from two days of in-person instruction to three days a week on Sept. 28.

“Adding one day is a step in the right direction. We want to be back at five days, but we understand it is a natural progression. We believe kids learn best when we can get them into our school and we are working hard to do that,” Devine said.

Prior to this change, the third day where students were not in the building was used for deep cleaning.

“The cleaning product we are now using stays on and continues to disinfect surfaces for 30 days. A day dedicated to cleaning is no longer needed allowing us more face time with students and teachers,” Devine said.