This decision comes despite the school board's solicitor recommending the district follows the state's recommended limit on gatherings.

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

ELLWOOD, Pa. (KDKA) – The Ellwood City School District is allowing up to 1,000 people at its homecoming football game Friday.

According to the New Castle News, the district will allow 1,000 people at the game, even though the school board’s solicitor recommends continuing to follow Gov. Wolf’s gathering limits.

Guests will have to sign waivers before entering, New Castle News reports.

The Wolf administration is encouraging districts to “voluntarily enforce” gathering limits after a federal judge ruled the governor’s pandemic restrictions unconstitutional.

The Department of Education reminded districts last week that the federal ruling isn’t a “blanket end” to mitigation efforts. Instead, the ruling addressed the early stay-at-home order, business closures and the 25-person indoor, 250-person outdoor gathering limits.

Many orders, including mandatory face coverings, still stand, and the Wolf administration says it’s the school’s job to enforce masks and social distancing at all school events.