As millions across the country tuned into the first debate, even more were sharing thoughts on social media.By Lisa Washington

CLEVELAND (KDKA) – As President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden squared off in the first of three presidential debates, most debate watch parties were virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Still, voters were looking forward to the first debate.

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There was a socially-distant crowd of about 70 in the building at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland but millions tuned into the televised debate.

The topics ranged from President Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme court, to the economy, the coronavirus pandemic, and race relations in the United States.

For 90 minutes, the candidates debated, shouted, interrupted, and made their cases to voters.

As expected, Democrats were confident in Mr. Biden’s debate skills and Republicans felt the same about Mr. Trump.

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Social media as usual was full of reactions to the debate from both voters and politicians.

Republican congressman Guy Reschnthaler tweeted that Mr. Biden refusing to answer if he would stack the Supreme Court is a frightening confirmation of the lengths Democrats will go to “consolidate control over us and never lose power again.”

Here in Pittsburgh, Mayor Bill Peduto tweeted his excitement for this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live.

As for those involved in the debate, President Trump did a lot of retweeting but he did post a picture of him with pictures of Biden and debate moderator Chris Wallace with the abbrevation for versus, insinuating Trump had to take on both Joe Biden and Chris Wallace.

Former Vice President Joe Biden simply presented the voters with a question:

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The next debate between President Trump and Mr. Biden will be on October 15 in Miami.