Not everyone agrees on political opinions, but Mt. Lebanon neighbors say they agree vandalizing someone's property is wrong.

MT. LEBANON, Pa. (KDKA) – As we get closer to Election Day, it seems things are getting uglier and some are taking their frustrations out on people’s property.

According to Mt. Lebanon police, for weeks, political signs have been missing from yards and some have even been vandalized. Police are investigating an incident just this week.

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People in a Mt. Lebanon neighborhood say whether you agree or disagree with someone’s political opinion, the vandalism that’s happening needs to end.

“Just stop. It’s not your property, it’s not your sign, if you don’t agree with it, walk on by,” said Mt. Lebanon resident Joelle Schultz.

But that’s not what happened to Schultz’s next-door neighbor.

This week, someone spray painted in big, bold letters “BLM” for Black Lives Matter along with “racist” on a large sign that strongly supports President Donald Trump.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

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Joelle says it was her son who noticed the vandalism while riding his bike.

“Called for my husband and I, said something was wrong, something happened. So we came out and saw it. It was a horrible feeling, very violated feeling,” said Schultz.

They called police because the sign in general has been quite the talker. They say many have walked by, stopped, and even yelled at it. The owner, who didn’t want to be on camera, tells KDKA he plans on keeping the sign up the way it looks to educate.

“I agree with him, yes, I respect that,” said Mt. Lebanon resident Beth Briercheck.

“I just think that it kind of highlights the ugliness that’s out there,” said Schultz.

Schultz says although she respects her neighbor’s decision, she and her family wanted to make sure others see they don’t feel the same. They have numerous signs in their front yard supporting Joe Biden.

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“We have five kids, there’s little kids outside, and we just didn’t want that to be reflected on us,” Schultz said.