John Potter, aka Mr. Good Deeds is helping students in need.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A Pittsburgh handyman known for spreading kindness is tackling a new project.

He’s finding ways to help kids remotely learning during the pandemic.

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John Potter, aka Mr. Pittsburgh Good Deeds is always up to something good.

He started his non-profit Pittsburgh Good Deeds to help as many people as he can.

Potter and his volunteers have done everything from car repairs to babysitting to house cleaning and yard work.

His latest endeavor: building school desks for kids in need of a better set-up as they’re learning online during the pandemic.

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Potter says his wife, who is a speech therapist, came home from work and shared how excited one of her students was after finding a school desk to use at home.

It got Potter thinking about how other families are likely in the same position — with kids remote learning and yearning for a desk.

Potter expected to make just a few, but as of right now, he’s made over 40 desks.

He isn’t taking all the credit, saying its all thanks to his army of volunteers, including his dad.

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