The Pittsburgh Art Commission voted to remove the statue last month.By Lindsay Ward

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – On this Columbus Day, a statue that has been in Schenley Park for years is now covered.

Last month, the City’s Art Commission voted to remove the large Christopher Columbus statue. It’s a move Mayor Bill Peduto, who is Italian-American, agreed on.

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Now wrapped in plastic and yellow tape, the statue is expected to remain that way until a final decision is made. On Monday, many were stopping and taking pictures.

“Should be removed, should be put if they want to, put it in a historical context, put in a historical place,” said Rini Krenn.

Rini Krenn walks by the statue often, and tells KDKA, every time she sees it, she thinks of its history. “The pain and suffering that occurred because of Christopher Columbus. The truth, the real history,” said Krenn.

“A lot of money was given to erect this statue and preserve it. Don’t see the need for it to come down, said Tony Ferraro.

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Tony Ferraro, an Italian-American and the Columbus Day Parade Chairman tells KDKA’s Lindsay Ward, he’s disappointed in Mayor Bill Peduto’s recent recommendation to remove it.

He believes tearing it down, would be like tearing down their heritage.

“There is a Court-injunction filed by the ISDA, the world’s largest Italian organization, stating that they should keep the statue intact,” said Ferraro.

Other local leaders, like Councilman Sam DeMarco, is calling on the Italian community to organize protests. He says he’s shocked that a mayor of Italian descent would trample the feelings of his own community to curry favor with an out of control far left.

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Mayor Peduto recommends the art commission to make a final decision on the statue in their next meeting, which is October 28th.