"Pennsylvania – we know it is a key swing state. It will decide who will be in the White House," said Clifford Young of Ipsos Public Affairs.By Jon Delano

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — After several polls last week showed Joe Biden with a small lead over President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, a poll this week suggests the race has tightened between the two.

Between the conventions in late August and last week, Biden’s lead over Trump grew from four points to seven points in Pennsylvania, according to Real Clear Politics, a website that averages all the polls.

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But now that lead could be slipping as we get closer to Election Day.

“Pennsylvania – we know it is a key swing state. It will decide who will be in the White House. It did in 2016, and it will this year as well,” Clifford Young, president of Ipsos Public Affairs, told KDKA political editor Jon Delano on Tuesday.

Ipsos, along with Reuters, has been conducting weekly polls in Pennsylvania, and its latest poll this week suggests Trump is gaining on Biden in Pennsylvania.

“Last week’s poll, we had Biden up by seven, approximately seven over Trump. This week, only four,” says Young.

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Four points is within the margin of error of the poll, meaning, says Young, “Biden and Trump are technically tied at this point.”

Young says the latest poll, conducted between Oct. 13 and 19, found Trump picking up support among those concerned about coronavirus, the number one issue in the state.

“Biden has had the lead over Trump there, but Trump is gaining ground,” Young said.

While Trump continues to get stronger marks than Biden on the economy, one key constituency still is skeptical of the president — suburban women.

“When you look at his loss among whites, losing ground among whites, it’s typically the suburbs, especially women. We haven’t seen significant changes there,” Young said.

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All polls are snapshots in time, not a prediction of what will happen when the real polls close in two weeks.