“I’m not comfortable waiting for the results."By Royce Jones

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Unlike anything most Americans have ever experienced during a presidential election, many people still have their eyes peeled waiting anxiously for the results. And it’s not even Election Day anymore.

On the surface, things seemed simple in the City of Pittsburgh on Wednesday.

Workers were out repairing the roads. Buddies could be seen bumping elbows at the bus stop. And people made quick coffee runs during the lunch rush through Market Square.

Seemingly, all were just pretenses, provided the unknown outcome of the election.

Cannonsburg voter Megan Hursch said, “I am absolutely in a state of two polar — you know — super high anxiety, and mindfulness to just stay in the moment.”

Many people KDKA interviewed were on edge.

In the close of a controversial campaign run where roughly 70 percent of U.S. adults already reported election stress disorder, people are growing even more weary while ballots are still being tallied almost 24 hours after the polls have closed.

“I’m not comfortable waiting for the results,” Bethel Park voter John Hager told KDKA.

North Side voter Dyamond Richter said, “I’m just waiting. I don’t wanna put that much pressure on me because I’m already scared as is.”

To beat the blues, therapist Stephanie Wijkstrom with the Pittsburgh Counseling and Wellness Center said, “Set healthy limitations. Maybe you check your social media every couple of hours or maybe you turn on your television to see the results every couple to hours.”

And while these political tensions are temporary and presidents may come and go in time, Richter reminds us kindness lasts forever.

“We need to come together to make America great,” said Richter.