Pennsylvania's second-largest county finished counting most of its mail-in ballots on Wednesday.By Lisa Washington

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Thursday morning will be an “administrative activities” day at the Allegheny County Elections Warehouse.

The second-largest county in Pennsylvania finished tallying the most of its mail-in ballots on Wednesday night before 10:30 p.m.

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However, there are still more votes to go.

The Allegheny County Elections Division manager David Voye says they have scanned approximately 668,000 ballots in the past two days.

That number included 313,000 mail-in ballots and 340,000 in-person ballots.

The final batch was uploaded to the county website on Wednesday night.

According to Amie Downs, an Allegheny County spokesperson, delayed reporting is typical in every election.

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Friday, the Return Board will come to the warehouse to examine uncounted ballots.

In addition to the 29,000 ballots that were mailed out incorrectly, they will also look at ballots that were unscannable either due to being ripped, torn, or folded.

There are also 4,350 ballots that have to be sorted because of miscellaneous issues. They were either naked without the secrecy envelope or did not have a date filled out when they were returned.

They will also sort any ballots that were mangled in the process of being mailed back to the warehouse.

Voye said he thought Wednesday would go faster but he’s happy with how things went overall.

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He added that there was a 70-71% voter turnaround.