Pitt has reported at least 40 positive COVID-19 cases among students since Friday.By Shelby Cassesse

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Beginning at midnight, the University of Pittsburgh’s main campus will move to the elevated risk posture as well as begin a shelter in place due to a rise in coronavirus cases.

The university reported a significant increase in positive cases in students over the weekend, with at least 40 confirmed cases since Friday.

“It’s a bit frustrating to see it go back up because I know there’s plenty of people who have been following the measures,” said Will Calderone, a freshman. “It’s a bit of a bummer because they said it would start later this week because it’s our last few weeks on campus anyway for the fall semester at least.”

Pitt says they believe the cases are linked to gathers from Halloween weekend.

“It wasn’t very surprising knowing that Halloweekend was last week,” said Carolyn Cooley, a sophomore.

Once the shelter in place begins, students should only leave their housing for classes, labs, to pick up food, exercise safely, or study in the library.

“Earlier they said they wanted us to quarantine a couple of weeks in advance,” said Trey Fehrenback, a sophomore. “You know we’re all traveling to different places in the country so it makes sense.

They also are recommending that all group work for classes be held virtually.

The university will offer campus dining beginning tomorrow morning as takeout only.

More information about the elevated risk posture can be found on Pitt’s website.

Shelby Cassesse