Doctors said they have plenty of tests and aren’t worried about running out.By Amy Wadas

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — People wanting to get tested for coronavirus were in and out of Highfield Urgent Care in Green Tree on Friday.

“I could get one through the school, but it just takes a little longer and I’m trying to get home soon,” said Pitt student Emily Rosen.

Rosen decided it was best to get a rapid test before going back to Cleveland to see her family for Thanksgiving.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“My younger brother is immunocompromised. So I just wanted to be extra careful,” said Rosen.

A doctor at the rapid testing site said they’re doing close to 500 tests a day. That’s up from 300 just a few days ago. The doctor expects those numbers to keep going up.

Doctors say this is happening all over the region.

“We are seeing more people coming in due to the rise in coronavirus cases that we are seeing across the entire region. And also due to more concern,” said Dr. Alan Wells, the medical director for UPMC Clinical Labs.

“All of our testing sites are getting more active,” said Dr. Amy Crawford-Fraucher, the vice-chair of primary care and family medicine at AHN. “I think people are feeling symptoms and are worried.”

AHN said this week alone, it has administered more than 2,200 tests.

“I am very concerned as we head into the colder weather and the holidays because testing is a great addition. But we really have to be super careful with all the things we’ve been saying for months,” said Crawford-Fraucher.

Doctors still say that if you feel sick, stay home and get tested even though it may take a while.

“As we get busier, there are going to be some lines. But we want people to get tested and be patient with us,” said Crawford-Fraucher.

While more people are getting tested, doctors said they have plenty of tests and aren’t worried about running out.