Davis surprised many with his choice of LSU.By Rich Walsh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Last weekend, one of the most sought-after players in the state laid out hats in preparation of his college announcement leaving one separate until the very end.

“For the next three or four years I will be taking my talents to LSU,” said Gateway standout defensive back Derrick Davis.

Davis’ college choice surprised many in the recruiting world, and even some much closer than that.

“I’m a little bit surprised too,” Gateway head coach Don Holl said. “But not completely because he had a very positive experience on his recent visit there.

But to be truthful, he’s been very close to the vest with everybody so I don’t know that even he knew or if he did really didn’t let on. I don’t think he even decided until very recently.”

That journey to Louisiana started when Davis took an unofficial visit to LSU just a few weeks ago.

Although they never toured the football facility, he and his mother were very impressed with the school itself, specifically one aspect.

“Right now I’m looking into electrical engineering,” Davis said. “Their program there was amazing. They put so much time into their students. They just built a new building and the students built it so to see that it was just amazing to me. The NFL stands for ‘Not For Long’ so it was important to help myself for life after football.”

Davis is obviously smart to think about school first but he’s also looking forward to joining a program known to produce high-quality defensive backs.

The Tigers have had 17 DB’s drafted in the past decade.

“Coach Orgeron is as good as they get,” said Holl. “I know he’s excited about the people and the program he’s going to be with and yeah if you’re going to be a defensive back that’s a heck of a place to be one.”

“I did my homework,” Davis said. “The amount of DB’s they put into the league is just unbelievable but the overall amount of players they put into the league last year, over 12 players into the draft, that really stood out to me the most.”