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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It looks like we will see mostly snow showers over the course of the day today.

In places like Allegheny County, snow will be light and will impact few on area roads.

(Photo Credit: KDKA Weather Center)

But slick road conditions will be possible for commuters up along I-80 and especially north of there.

Also, significant accumulating snow will be possible in the Laurels. That should come as a shock to no one.

When it comes to temperatures, we have likely already seen our high, coming in at 42 degrees.

(Photo Credit: KDKA Weather Center)

Temperatures for the rest of the day will likely be in the mid-30’s.

Skies will be mostly cloudy with breaks where you will be able to see some sun at times.

Lake effect snow means that you may be able to drive comfortably for a while and then will quickly see driving conditions change.

Please be aware and prepared for changes on roads through the day and overnight.

(Photo Credit: KDKA Weather Center)

Looking ahead, We stay on the cool side on Wednesday with snow showers coming to an end by noon.

Wednesday highs are expected to hit the upper 30’s.

Warmer air arrives on Thursday morning with Thursday highs in the 60s.

(Photo Credit: KDKA Weather Center)

We stay near 60 for highs through Sunday.

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