The AAA is projecting that travel this year will be at its lowest numbers around the holidays since 2008.By Chris Hoffman

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — This year, many Americans will not be taking a bus, a train or hopping an airplane.

“We are projecting a 30 percent decrease in year end holiday travel,” AAA East Central Spokesperson Jim Garrity said.

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As AAA estimates about 84.5 million people travel. About 34 million fewer Americans than last year.

They said it would be the lowest amount of travel around the holidays since 2008.

Between now and the holiday, more people could decide not to travel.

“We could get up into Christmas Eve, we could get up into New Year’s Eve and some people might say, this year is not the year. Let’s just stay home,” Garrity said.

According to AAA, about 96 percent of holiday travelers will be filling up the gas tank and hitting the roads. Some of this is due in part to many people not taking end-of-the-year vacations because of the pandemic.

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“They control the variables in ways that they can’t with flying. Get down to the very specifics about where they are going to be traveling,” Garrity told KDKA.

For anyone flying, health leaders recommend wearing a mask, washing your hands, and not eating or drinking on the plane. It is advised you get tested and quarantine before any travel and quarantine at your destination.

“It’s not a bad idea to talk it over with your doctor. Talk it over with your boss if you are still considering traveling to find out what their opinions are or requirements would be of you,” Garrity said over Zoom.

AAA suggests you look up covid restrictions not just for your destinations but where you will be traveling through.

“Just lowering your risk is what I think a lot of people are going to have to keep in mind if they decide to drive,” Garrity said.

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AAA created a map that shows the covid 19 restrictions for states, as well as some, cities and counties.