By Jon Delano

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Congressman Conor Lamb told KDKA’s Jon Delano that both he and his wife Hayley along with their son Matthew are doing well.

Meanwhile, he’s adjusting, as every new parent does, to a new sleep schedule.

“She’s [Hayley] doing great, she’s strong and taking care of him and, frankly, me at the same time,” Congressman Lamb laughed. “The baby is doing well, too. We are so lucky, we were really well taken care of at the hospital at what I know is not the easiest time for the nurses and staff there, so just extremely thankful during this holiday season more so than any other.”

Following the birth of their son, everyone has made it home.

“We’re back home,” Congressman Lamb said. “We actually made it home the next day. They took such good care of him and we’re getting used to a different sleep schedule and all that, but he’s doing great.

As for criticism this week from the National Republican Congressional Committee for voting by proxy to attend the birth of his newborn, Rep. Lamb said the complaint was not worth his or anyone else’s attention.