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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — If we see any precipitation this week, it should come in the way of snow chances including just an isolated passing snow shower both today and on Tuesday with overcast skies.

With the cloudy conditions, we won’t see a big warm-up through the day today with highs just hitting the mid to upper 30s.

The week’s best snow chance now appears to be on Wednesday morning with light snow chances along a warm front that lifts through.

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After that, the rest of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are all looking dry along with the weekend.

At this point, gloomy winter-time conditions may be the biggest story of the week with little in the way of sunshine expected.

The cloudy conditions means we won’t really see extremely cold nights, but we will also not see extremely warm days.

The highs and lows of days will be close together with limited sunshine to heat us up and a layer of clouds in the overnight to keep warmth from escaping from the surface.

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Most days, this means highs in the mid-30’s with overnight lows falling to the mid to upper 20’s.

Again, no big temperature spreads are expected with this type of weather.

I am forecasting just partly cloudy skies for Thursday and Friday with highs possibly hitting the 40’s on those days with lows in the mid-20s.

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Looking ahead for the month, the climate prediction center is forecasting we will likely see above average temperatures and below average precipitation over the next two weeks according to their report that came out on Sunday.

More specifically, they are listing the area as having around a 35% chance for seeing above average temperatures over the next two weeks.

For the month, they’re forecasting a greater than fifty percent chance for having a warmer than average month.

Their precipitation forecast forecasts about a 30% chance for drier than normal conditions over the next two weeks.

However, for the the month they’re forecasting a 35% chance for seeing a wetter than normal month.

It will be interesting to see where we land.

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