He was previously accused of locking his 9-year-old son in a closet.By Ross Guidotti

UNITY TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) – In just under a year, Shawn Waulk has faced a number of horrific allegations of child abuse and neglect. On Thursday state police announced more disturbing charges against the 33-year-old, including multiple counts of rape of a child.

The victim was a little girl under the age of 10. Waulk is accused of raping the child repeatedly over a year’s time, at one point violating the child with a knife.

Waulk had no comment after a March 2020 preliminary hearing on charges he trapped his 9-year-old son in a room for 11 hours so he and his wife could go to a birthday party.


Police say while the boy was left alone, barricaded in the closet, he escaped. Waulk allegedly used screws to keep the door from opening. According to state troopers, after the boy escaped, he faced a savage beating at the hands of his father.

“The 9-year-old child was struck with a piece of wood several times,” Trooper Steve Liminai said.

Waulk, who was free on $25,000 bond, is now in the Westmoreland County Jail on $50,000 dollars.