Greater Pitt Tree Service Owner Carlos McClintock: 'Just trying to give back to the community. These guys went and served our country.'By Amy Wadas

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — One by one, the tree branches fell to the ground.

“Two trees were dead and a large pine tree close to house was threatening the home,” Carlos McClintock, the owner of Pitt Tree Service, said.

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It wasn’t your typical tree removal on Thursday morning. Greater Pitt Tree Service did the entire $6,000 project for free.

“We started seeing the need for these World War II vets and tree work on their property tends to be very expensive. The first job we did, we did it for free and it kind of snowballed from there,” said McClintock.

This is why they went to 96-year-old Tony Kozlosky’s home in Oakmont. The World War II veteran served in the Air Force.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“I was a flying radio operator – C-47. Flew it in China, Burma, India,” Kozlosky. “March of ’43, I went in, and January of ’46, I came out.”

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Kozlosky said his granddaughter heard about Greater Pitt Tree Service’s generous offer and gave them a call. He said it would have been tough to take care of it on his own.

“That’s a lot of months of Social Security,” said Kozlosky.

He said he’d like to see other vets get this kind of help, too.

“Need all the help they can get. If they own a home they have to keep it up. Getting guys like Carlos to help them. Good idea. Darn good,” said Kozlosky.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“Just trying to give back to the community. These guys went and served our country. They went to Japan or Germany and fought for our country and came home, raised their families and worked. They didn’t complain about anything,” said McClintock.

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Greater Pitt Tree Service said they’ve been chopping down trees for WWII veterans for about five years. They’ve done about 12 of these projects and are always looking to help more.