PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — After one of the most racially charged years we’ve seen in the country, the 23rd Pittsburgh Racial Justice Summit is meant to bring together people of all backgrounds and build a movement for justice.

“We don’t all have to believe in the same good things, but we have to take what we believe in and use it towards a common goal,” said Kevin Jarbo.

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The summit is trying to bridge the gap of a divided country, but groups locally are focusing on home as a start to a much bigger goal.

“There’s so much opportunity in building coalitions and learning from one another, what worked for your campaign because I can use that or what worked for your community because mine needs it,” said Phoebe Dinh.

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The summit was held online this year, but that didn’t take away from participation. Instead, it increased their following of people wanting to come together and put an end to systemic racism and injustice.

“I think that getting involved in racial injustice work has people healing from the trauma that they have experienced either firsthand or secondhand. And once we start to wake up to that and take on that pain and do that healing with each other, then it starts moving us to this place where we start building a bigger and bigger capacity,” said Jarbo. “We start seeing more people get involved because they’re like look I want to do something because I see how it’s hurting other people and I feel it too.”

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Compassion, education, and outreach all goals and lessons of the summit — ones to take from an arduous 2020 and bring forth to a better future.