"We absolutely believe a violent sexual assault would have happened if this particular officer didn't take the actions he had taken."By Ross Guidotti

PENN TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) – According to Penn Township police, 23-year-old Matthew Blaisdell met his would-be 17-year-old victim on social media and was deceitful from the start.

“These two individuals met on Snapchat where the male misidentified his age,” Penn Township Police Chief John Otto told KDKA.

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Investigators say Blaisdell told the girl he’d pick her up on Jan. 23 and grab something to eat. but afterward, Blaisdell pulled off into a parking lot at the Bushy Run Battlefield in Penn Township. Investigators say it’s there Blaisdell attempted to molest the girl.

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However, according to Chief Otto, at that moment, “Officers saw a car down there and inquisitively followed up on the vehicle.”

As they approached, police say Blaisdell got out of the car, claiming the girl was a relative and saying the reason he parked the car was the girl, a female relative, was having a diabetic emergency and the male was tending to her.

As investigators started to talk to the victim about her relationship with Blaisdell, he started becoming very nervous and stuttering. Not long after that, Matthew Blaisdell’s story fell apart.

Otto says the victim gave police her first name and said her last name was the same as the suspect, who tried to help the victim spell Blaisdell.

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“When you cannot spell your own last name, we have a problem,” Otto said.

The victim later told police she was terrified. When police pulled up, they say she was told by Blaisdell to lie about her age. Meanwhile, according to Otto, Blaisdell’s stuttering, mumbling story was all over the place.

“He has several stories and none of them can corroborate,” said Otto.

Blaisdale would eventually be charged on Jan. 29 and was caught trying to leave the area by federal agents working with the Penn Township police. Otto said if not for some good police work, this story could have been much worse.

“We absolutely believe a violent sexual assault would have happened if this particular officer didn’t take the actions he had taken,” said Otto.

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Matthew Blaisdell remains in the Westmoreland County Jail held without bond. He’s charged with sexual assault with more charges pending.