The two health care workers say it was incredibly coronavirus safe.By John Shumway

TAMPA BAY, Fla. (KDKA) — If you caught a glimpse of the stands on Sunday during the Super Bowl, you saw 7,500 vaccinated health care workers from every NFL city.

KDKA’s John Shumway caught up with Doctor Stephanie Baltaji and nurse Caitlyn Lyons from Allegheny Hospital while they were in the stands.

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“It’s an incredible setup and you are just really at the Super Bowl and then to have half of what looks like people are cutouts, there just kind of makes you remember that we’re actually in a pandemic. And it makes you all the more thankful to be here,” said Lyons.

The two health care workers say it was incredibly coronavirus safe.

“They just went above and beyond to provide a surreal experience for all the health care workers and all the people here,” said Dr. Baltaji.

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“We couldn’t think of a better nationwide example of a, ‘Thank you,'” said Lyons. “It’s a reminder of why we do it.”

They even saw some Steelers gear in the stands.

“We’re definitely the minority here but quite a few people in Steelers jerseys and we made sure to say our hellos,” Lyons said

Baltaji and Lyons are well aware of the temperature swing coming home.

“We would like to extend a week if possible, two weeks if possible,” said Lyons.

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The two said they got the call about going to the big game while snowboarding. Dr. Baltaji said Lyons got so excited that she almost fell off the ski lift.