Officials are advising Pittsburgh residents to stay home if they can.By Lindsay Ward

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The freezing drizzle overnight and this morning left many roads a mess for drivers today. There were numerous accidents, vehicles crashing into other vehicles and even houses!

“Ice, there’s nothing you can do with ice. You can’t drive on it, you can’t stop on it, you can’t walk on it, it’s bad,” said Joe Jinicky with C&R Collision.

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In the city of Pittsburgh, vehicles were either at an angle after sliding down a street, or were stopped after crashing into other cars.

Some drivers just simply left their vehicles behind after not being able to move.

“I’ve been out all morning, and this is probably the 20th accident I’ve responded to,” said Jinicky.

And it wasn’t just city residents that were struggling. A salt truck was spotted having a hard time backing up on an icy street.

“I’m ok, ya know, but it does kind of stink, but I’m alright,” said David Heffelfinger.

In Lawrenceville, police knocked on David Heffelfinger’s door to let him know someone crashed into his parked car, then took off.

“Ya know, you just gotta make sure the roads are treated, drive slow and if you hit something, stop and leave a note at least,” said Heffelfinger.

And Pittsburgh Police were struggling in getting around. An officer hit a patch of ice on Milroy Street in Perry South and slid into a house. No one inside the home was injured. The police officer was taken to the hospital and checked out for injuries to his knees.

At least two other officers were involved in crashes due to the icy conditions, but they were not hurt.

The advice? Stay home.

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“Everybody be safe that is out today. Try not to come out if you don’t have too. That’s all I have to say,” said Jinicky.