"What these police officers did was a wonderful service. I couldn't thank them more for what they did for me and for my dog."

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh police saved a dog stuck outside in freezing cold temperatures during our recent cold snap.

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According to the bureau’s Facebook page, it all started when a neighbor called them concerned about the dog which was stuck on the balcony of a second-floor apartment.

The temperature had dropped suddenly and heavy snow was beginning to fall.

Turns out, police say, the dog’s owner was babysitting when the weather suddenly changed and could not leave to let the dog back in.

When police arrived at the apartment, Officer Alex Dickant and Officer James Hauser found the pit bull wet and shaking from the cold out on the balcony.

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They were unable to reach the dog from the ground, so they called for backup from Lt. Richard Ford and Pittsburgh EMS crews to get inside the owner’s apartment.

(Photo Courtesy: Pittsburgh Bureau of Police/Facebook)

From there they let the dog inside. They say the pup ran straight to his warm bed and food bowl.

The owner tells police the dog loves being outside and the plummeting temperatures caught them completely off guard. The owner was very grateful to the officers who helped the dog.

Police say the owner told the officers, “What these police officers did was a wonderful service. I couldn’t thank them more for what they did for me and for my dog.”

The officers say it’s their job to help everyone in the community – “large and small. ”

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They also want to remind everyone that it’s illegal to leave animals outside when it’s below freezing for more than 30 minutes.