PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The frustration over the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Pennsylvania continues.

Doctors said the state sent them no vaccines this week after requesting hundreds. It’s forced them to delay and postpone clinics.

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About 300 people were supposed to get their second dose of the Moderna vaccine today at the Allegheny County Medical Society. The lot would have been full, but it’s empty because that clinic had to be delayed.

“Until that vaccine is in hand, nothing is guaranteed,” Dr. Natalie Gentile of Gentile Family Direct Primary Care said.

Dr. Natalie Gentile helped organize the clinic to vaccinate healthcare workers and people in Phase 1A. The 300 doses never came.

“And it says they’re pending shipment. Fingers crossed they will even be coming tomorrow,” she said Sunday.

If they do, she plans to have the clinic next weekend, but getting the shots into arms has become easier said than done.

“At first, this was such a fun process and we felt like we were really doing what is right for the community and things were going relatively smoothly,” Dr. Gentile said.

Dr. Gentile is beyond frustrated. She’s had to cancel or postponed multiple vaccine clinics in addition to Sunday’s clinic, impacting another 600 people.

“We’re at this point, just doing everything to help our patients, regardless of what that means from the state,” she frustratingly said.

State lawmakers are taking notice of the issues faced by private doctors and pharmacies.

“Many have said, we are as outraged as you guys are,” Dr. Gentile said. “We really see the importance of the whole small independent groups and what you have been able to do from the start and we want to help you.”

Dr. Gentile plans to keep getting patients the vaccine appointments they need.