Despite it being brought to light, several people are still receiving bank cards they did not sign up for.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – More people in the Pittsburgh area have become victims of identity theft involving Chase Bank checking accounts and local police are trying to figure out who is using residents’ personal information to open accounts.

“It was scary, it was so scary,” Rosemary Dubyak said.

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Rosemary Dubyak is still baffled after her husband, Andrew, got a Chase Bank debit card in the mail for an account he didn’t open. She said they weren’t sure what to do until they saw KDKA’s news story on Wednesday about the recent identity fraud.

The Pleasant Hills couple spent hours taking the necessary precautions like freezing his credit, calling Chase Bank and police. Two days later, they received three more Chase debit cards in the mail.

“I was just physically sick when we got three more because then I thought this isn’t over and why did it happen, how did it happen,” Dubyak said.

Police departments all around the Pittsburgh area are getting reports of this fraud.

The Peters Township Police Department has had over 25 cases. They are creating a task force along with the South Hills Area Council of Governments (SHACOG) to investigate and attempt to identify the individuals responsible. They requested assistance from the United States Secret Service.

Watch as KDKA’s Chris Hoffman reports:


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“We’re trying to put a task force together with all the local departments. There are hundreds of identity thefts occurring through Chase Bank. We’re also requesting assistance from the United States Secret Service,” said Corporal Lou Reda with the Peters Township Police Department.

Police said personal information is being used to create accounts because of a recent Chase Bank offer. Chase offers $200 if you open a new checking account and set up direct deposits.

“Right now, we’re not really sure whose been opening these accounts. It’s been hundreds. Somewhere there was a breach of personal information. The credit cards are coming with victims’ names, going to their address,es and actually using a social security number to open the accounts,” said Corporal Reda.

Dubyak said when they called Chase Bank about the three new cards sent to them, they were told the accounts were closed but she still has lots of questions.

“What bothered me is that there are no checks and balances in place to put up a red flag when it occurred,” Dubyak said.

Dubyak hopes someone will find the answers.

“42 years we’ve been married. We’ve shredded everything and been so careful with our information and someone got it. I want them to find who did it and how it happened,” Dubyak said.

If this happens you believe you are a victim of this: contact your local police department, make a report and obtain an incident number then call Chase Bank and demand the account be closed due to fraud.

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Police said you should also contact all three credit bureaus to put a watch on your credit history and report this as identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission.