Here is one more thing to consider: Don't be afraid to spend some money on yourself.By Paul Martino

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Eighty-five percent of Americans have received or are about to receive their coronavirus relief checks.

It could be a lot of money. A family of four could receive $5,600. So what do you do with the money?

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Financial planner Bob Feldman said to remember it is a relief check, not a stimulus check. The first priority should be your family and bills.

“When you get a check like this, you should be looking at what is keeping you awake at night,” said Feldman with Snowden Lane Partners.

Feldman suggests using the money to reduce stress in your life.

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“What are the things you need to deal with most? Is it a car loan? It is food for your family? Is it rent? Is it a credit card that’s out of control?” Feldman said.

While parking the money in your savings sounds like a good idea, you may be better off trimming your debt.

“Most people today are sitting there with debt,” Feldman said. “And to put that money into a savings account that’s earning you basically nothing, when you have a 20-something percent credit card out there, makes no sense at all.”

Here is one more thing to consider: Don’t be afraid to spend some money on yourself.

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“If you need to do certain things that you have not been doing, like take your kids to Kennywood Park or do other things that give you enjoyment, I think that is really important,” Feldman said.