Where you time your gas fill-ups could have a big financial impact while traveling.By John Shumway

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Whether it’s a spring break trip or a summer vacation, where you fill up your gas tank could make a big difference in your wallet.

During a recent vacation, KDKA’s John Shumway saw what he’s seen so many times — the cost of a gallon of gas substantially cheaper outside of Western Pennsylvania.

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And we’re not talking about a few pennies, we’re talking about dollars on the fill-up.

“Almost every state has a different amount of taxation, of course. Pennsylvania’s tends to be a little bit higher. In fact, one of the higher in the country,” said Patrick de Haan from GasBuddy.com.

De Haan says as a general rule, “It’s advantageous to almost always fill up outside of the state, that is if you are in a border situation, whether that’s the North, East, South, or West border.”

For instance, if you’re traveling West.

De Haan says Ohio’s gasoline tax is quite a bit lower, some 20 cents per gallon lower compared to Pennsylvania’s.

If you’re heading South, check the prices before you go.

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You might want to fill up in West Virginia or make sure you have enough gas to get to Wytheville, Virginia.

If you’re heading East, you might want to time your fill-up in Maryland.

De Haan says South Carolina generally has prices among the lowest in the country, also saying that you’ll easily find circumstances across the country where you’ll spend 20 to 40 cents per gallon more or less, depending on what side of the state line you’re filling up on.

Ahead of traveling, it’s a good idea to check prices ahead of time.

GasBuddy.com is a pretty good resource that will give you an idea about what prices you’ll find when you arrive at your destination.

De Haan says even in towns where gas is cheaper, you might want to look around, as getting away from the interstates could help you save even more.

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If you’re traveling across Pennsylvania, generally prices here in the Western part of the state tend to be higher than the center of the state, according to AAA, so you might want to wait to fill up, but the difference is usually only a few cents.