According to several reports, the CDC could relax the outdoor mask policy that is in place.By Chris Hoffman

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — President Biden is expected to soon deliver a mask message, including new guidance when it comes to who needs to wear them.

The President is expected to make the announcement during his remarks today surrounding the state of the pandemic.

According to several reports, the CDC could relax the outdoor mask policy that is in place.

President Biden is also expected to announce new guidelines for vaccinated people to resume some activities.

Currently, CDC guidance says masks may not be necessary in some settings, but advises for local mandates to be followed.

Doctors say the risk of contracting COVID-19 outdoors is much lower than when inside, so it seems the CDC will ease the outdoor mask mandates.

According to the Tribune-Review, outdoor mask-wearing has brought some controversy because of the evidence surrounding vaccines preventing the virus and the spread of it.

Experts say if you’re at a crowded outdoor event, masks should still be worn.

The new guidance could also be based on vaccination status.

“I think we’re increasingly going to see a world where people who’ve been vaccinated are going to enjoy a lot of freedoms. They’re gonna feel like they can take on a lot of activities at low risk, they can reunite with families, and the cases are going to continue to be there for the people who haven’t been vaccinated yet,” said Andy Slavitt, White House Senior Advisor for COVID-19 Response.

According to the President’s schedule, he’s expected to speak about the pandemic and these possible guidance changes at 1:15 p.m. on Tuesday.

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