Despite passing the state senate, the bill may not become law due to a lack of a veto-proof majority.By Briana Smith

By: Briana Smith

HARRISBURG (KDKA) – Commuters won’t have to worry about a new toll just yet.

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The Pennsylvania State Senate passed a bill on Tuesday creating a road bump for Governor Tom Wolf’s administration’s plan to toll nine bridges across Pennsylvania.


  • Pennsylvania Senate Approves Bill To Halt PennDOT’s Plans To Toll 9 Bridges
  • Lawmaker Calls For Halt On PennDOT Plan To Toll 9 Bridges
  • Lawmakers Working On Bill To Prevent PennDOT’s Proposed Tolling Of Interstate 79 Bridge
  • Truckers Push Back Against PennDOT’s Plan To Toll 9 Bridges Statewide
  • PennDOT Plans To Toll 9 Bridges Across The State
  • In February, PennDOT introduced a proposal that would implement a toll on those bridges as a way to help fund nearly $2.2 billion worth of construction projects.

    That plan would include a bridge in Allegheny County in Bridgeville.

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    However, Senate Republicans want the governor’s administration to start fresh.

    Their argument is that PennDOT’s planning process lacked transparency and public input.

    Now, Republicans want PennDOT to provide more information about the proposal, take public comment, and then get approval from the state legislature as well as the governor.

    Democrats, however, argue Republicans are stepping back from their obligation to adequately fund the state’s transportation needs.

    The bill will now head to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, but it may not last very long.

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    If Governor Tom Wolf opposes the bill and chooses to veto it, the Pennsylvania State Senate does not have a veto-proof majority to override it.