PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Not to ratchet up the pressure…but Mother’s Day is Sunday and if you haven’t already decided what you’re doing for mom…..tick tick tick!

The possibilities range from the routine of candy, cards, and flowers to the elaborate.

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But what does the mom in your life want?

“Like, we’ve earned this day,” says Lifestyle Blogger at Questionable Choices In Parenting, and mother of three Amanda Mushro, “We say, we don’t need anything. And that’s not the truth. The truth is, we do need some things that are very easy to get.”

Mother’s Day appreciation falls into two categories: Treatment and gifts.

Mushro says treatment is crucial.

“Letting mom sleep in, Let mom have a little time to herself, you know, we love flowers, we love shiny things, but guess what, mom has probably already told you what she wants,” Mushro explains. “You just have to listen and pay attention.”

Wait…What? She told us?!

“So if mom has said things like, you know, I would love just a night away in a hotel by myself, just so I could regroup and think, or, you know, I would love to take up a golfing or tennis, some of the things that maybe we thought she just was musing those are perfect gifts for Mother’s Day,” she says.

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Things mom has wanted to do around the home qualify for consideration.

“Maybe you’re doing some redecorating and there’s something that she’s been eyeing up and you’re going to treat her to something, the things that mom won’t splurge on herself, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to splurge for her,” Mushro says.

Mushro suggests you split the day.

“So maybe in the morning they can give mom breakfast in bed they can give her all of their little handmade gifts, and then we’re going to scoop mom out the door,” she says.

Mushro says that can be for a girl’s day out with friends or just letting her have the house to herself.

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“I love the idea of, you know what honey, I’m going to take the kids, we’re going to go to the playground, we’re going to go hang out at my mom’s house because we want to go see her for Mother’s Day,” she says

As for those homemade kiddy gifts…

“The necklaces, the cards the jewelry dishes, and I really do love those things,” she admits.

But she says there’s an age limit.

“I love his macaroni necklace. But, you know you’re 13 and maybe maybe, uh, you could’ve gone shopping with dad,” she says and she’s not talking about spending a lot of money, “it’s just they’re putting some thought into it.”

Mushro says consider taking a chore like the laundry off mom’s hands for a week, “I mean that sounds like a heavenly gift for me.”

And here’s a tip for the ‘there’s a package at the front door’ crowd.

“I’m a big fan just take a peek at her Amazon cart and just see what she has saved because there might be some items in there,” she laughs.

For moms whose children are grown and maybe have families of their own, she says coordinate a connection.

“I’m telling you every mother out there with adult or teenage children would love, just having that one on one time with their kids,” she says.

If you can’t be together in person coordinate a virtual get-together will all the children, or a series of connections with each child individually, and moms love the connection to the grandchildren as well.

As for old staples like kitchen stuff. Don’t rule it out if that’s something mom really wants, but including the candy, card and flowers might be a good idea.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ with mom gifts and Mushro says look at the mom you are honoring beyond her kids, family, and job to her other interest and look for an idea there.

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The only absolute – Doing nothing is not an option.