PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Despite public outcry and efforts to the contrary, the superintendent of the Pine-Richland School District made it very clear Friday: Eric Kasperowicz will not be returning to the football program.

Dr. Brian Miller sat down only with KDKA’s John Shumway to set the record straight.

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Dr. Miller is clearly disturbed by the atmosphere of intimidation that has developed in the district since the coach’s contract was not renewed.

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“As soon as that occurred, we have had an escalating number of communications attempts to intimidate, undermine, threaten that are unfortunate to the operation of the district. We’ve also had events, orchestrated by Mr. Kasperowicz and/or his supporters that have really put the student-athletes in the middle. And it’s not healthy,” said Dr. Miller.

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Dr. Miller says there has been a concerted effort to debunk concerns about hazing, while that was only part of the reason the coach’s contract was not renewed. There were also coaching administration issues, and the coach’s unwillingness to take any responsibility during a meeting with school administrators.

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Dr. Miller has been accused of a power grab and a witch hunt, which he says is not true and calls that part of the campaign to hide the truth behind the legitimate decisions to part ways with the coach.

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“We have so much misinformation and speculation and conspiracies out there, and that’s really leading to confusion and uncertainty in our community,” he said.