“I will fight for as long as it takes and disprove these lies to return my reputation," Kasperowizc said.By Bryant Reed

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – An attorney for former Pine-Richland football coach Eric Kasperowicz is filing two lawsuits over the district’s decision to not renew his contract.

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Attorney Joel Sansone says he’s filing a lawsuit against the district, Superintendent Brian Miller and Board President Peter Lyons for defamation against Kasperowizc in the Court of Common Pleas.

“On the subject of bullying, you have to punch a bully in the nose don’t you?” said Sansone. “And that’s what we did today and we’re gonna keep doing it until they stop.”

A federal lawsuit is expected later, Sansone says, claiming Kasperowizc’s rights were violated and he wasn’t allowed due process in connection with his unlawful termination.

“I will not stand for these attacks on me and my staff,” said Kasperowicz. “I will fight for as long as it takes and disprove these lies to return my good name and reputation.”

Miller told KDKA there’s been a concerted effort to debunk concerns about hazing, while that was only part of the reason the coach’s contract was not renewed. There were also coaching administration issues, and the coach’s unwillingness to take any responsibility during a meeting with school administrators.

“There undoubtedly has been bullying and hazing at Pine-Richland as in every other school in America. Most of that happens in places where the teachers and administrators and the coaches can’t see,” Sansone said. But he says there’s no evidence that Kasperowicz has ever condoned or known about any alleged conduct. If he did, he would have “put it to bed right away,” Sansone says.

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Sansone and Kasperowizc emphasized what the former coach has been accused of is criminal activity. Miller told KDKA the facts were clear: “examples of intimidation, of humiliation, of fights, of rites of passage.”

Sansone accused Miller and Lyons of running a scheme to get rid of Kasperowicz. Miller says accusations of a power grab and a witch hunt aren’t true. He calls that part of the campaign to hide the truth behind the legitimate decisions to part ways with the coach.

“I am taking this action for two reasons, first to reclaim my good name and reputation, given to me by my parents. Second to correct a terrible wrong that has been visited on my community,” said Kasperowicz.

Sansone says he expects Kasperowicz will return to the football program when all is said and done.

“We expect, in fact, I’ll predict: there will be no evidence, no credible evidence that this man did anything wrong,” said Sansone.

At this point, the details of the lawsuit — like how much or what Kasperowizc is hoping to gain from this, other than the return of his job — aren’t known.

Miller made it very clear last Friday: Kasperowicz will not be returning to the football program.

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KDKA has reached out to the district about the lawsuits but they’ve had no comment so far.