Mars Candy Land has quickly become a popular spot for sweets and smiles.

MARS, Pa. (KDKA) — A new candy store is bringing joy to a community in Butler County.

The new business is near the iconic UFO in the town of Mars. Mars Candy Land has quickly become a popular spot for sweets and smiles.

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It is all a result of owner Pammie Vivirito’s love of confections and desire to spread happiness.

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“Just decided this is it,” Vivirito said. “That’s what I’m going to do. And just walking in here, that’s what it does. You have the bright colors, fun vibe and people are starting to take notice.”

Something pretty amazing happened when customer Stacy Tschannen forgot her wallet a couple of weeks ago.

“I was like, ‘Can you hold on? I’m going to go grab my wallet and come back to be able to pay for this,'” Tschannen said.

But when she returned?

“I said, ‘Just take the candy.’ So she took the candy, thanked me,” said the owner.

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“It brought me to tears because I was having a rough day and that was the pick-me-up I needed,” Tschannen said. “And after that, I thought how can I pay it forward?”

Tschannen came back the following week with $5 and an idea: the Kindness Candy Board. If you have a dollar, leave it. Need a dollar? Take one.

The donations from patrons are adding up.

“I still get choked up talking about it because the kids,” said Vivirito. “We get a lot of kids in here, obviously, and what’s a dollar to us is like a million dollars to them.”

What a sweet way to inspire others.

“It warms my heart completely. It’s such a wonderful thing. I’m so excited to be part of it,” said Tschannen.

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