ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Two juveniles are in custody and police are continuing a fight inside of Ross Park Mall that ended in shots fired on Saturday afternoon.

Amy Hoback and her son Cannon witnessed the altercation as it occurred and recalled the situation to KDKA’s Jen Borrasso.

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“We walked right out of J. Crew, we were right in front of the kiosk, we could hear the kids kind of rumbling behind us and then this brawl ensued,” Amy recalled. “We thought it was just a normal fight, we saw one kid, in particular, being hit on quite a bit. My husband said he was going to see, there was another gentlemen, he started to walk over as well, and I was going to pick up a cell phone that fell out of someone’s pocket, and that’s when we both saw a gun, the other gentlemen screamed and everyone took off running. That wasn’t something you’d expect to see at Ross Park Mall.”

WATCH: Viewer Video Of Fight
Ross Park Mall Fight

Police have said that they believe it was a fight between five or six people inside the mall on the second floor near the guest services area.

“We saw five teenagers, I would say somewhere between 16 to 20 in age,” Amy said. “First thought they were being silly, as you could hear them behind us, this rumbling noise, and turned and look and thought ‘boys being boys’ until it ensued into a fight and then the fight went further than that.”

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It was quick thinking and movement from Amy’s son Cannon that kept them safe.

“I just remember shuffling behind me, and then I turned around and I saw people on the floor fighting, and in the quickest second, I saw the gun laying on the floor,” Cannon recalled. “I turned around I just heard everyone screaming ‘gun’ and then I shuffled over to the side because I didn’t know what to do, and then I started running toward the jewelry store, and my parents were just sitting there and I said ‘we got to go inside the jewelry store.'”

From there, the employees of the jewelry store helped keep the Hobacks safe.

“It was Noah Gabriel Jewelry store, they were like, ‘we need you to get inside with us right now’ and they took us in the back, locked us inside, we stayed back there with them, and it was really great that they did that,” Amy said.

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Police are continuing to investigate the fight, and are searching for a third suspect they believe to be involved.

Jennifer Borrasso