Many area residents were left dealing with downed wires and trees among other storm damage.By Briana Smith

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Heavy rain, high winds and hail left its mark in Point Breeze on Penham Place.

“It was terrifying,” said Rohan Ganguli, a Point Breeze resident. “It was a serious storm going on and the street had become like a river.”

“Last night we went for a walk and saw all the damage,” said Jessica Wandelt, who also lives in Point Breeze. “There were tons of trees down and power lines. It was pretty scary.

A massive tree toppled over, smashing one resident’s car.

“They just moved from Florida a month ago, and they have hurricanes there, but they came here and had the tree fall,” said Ganguli.

Another tree fell on Ganguli’s roof and into his backyard.

And knowing he wouldn’t be alone in dealing with the damage, he wasted no time calling a tree removal company.

“We actually called them as the storm was going on and the trees were falling because he’s our regular,” Ganguli said. “So, I called him, and he said you’re the first person to call so we’ll come there first thing in the morning.”

It took hours for crews to clean up.

To make matters worse, thousands of people lost power yesterday evening into this morning, including Ganguli and Wandelt.

Wandelt lives down the street on Yorkshire Drive.

“Since about 6 p.m. last night, we were cooking dinner and all of our dinner was in the oven when the power went out,” said Wandelt. “So, thankfully it was mostly cooked.”

And she’s hoping tonight’s dinner won’t be in the dark again.

“Small adjustments, we’re going to make it,” said Wandelt. “Hopefully, the power will be back on today.”

Despite all the damage, no one here was seriously hurt.

“It’s an inconvenience, but at least we’re all safe,” said Ganguli.

In terms of the power outages, Duquesne Light company says power should be restored by midnight.