Damage from an intense storm was localized to a few streets in Edgewood.

EDGEWOOD, Pa. (KDKA) – It was a messy morning in Edgewood as the cleanup continued after a storm blasted the borough on Wednesday. Trees and debris littered streets and sidewalks.

“I have never seen something like this in Edgewood at all,” Debbie Ochs said about the storm and what it did to Washington Street.

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Ochs said trees and power lines fell during Wednesday’s storm. By Thursday morning, much of it has been cleared and was just piles of debris along the sidewalk. Ochs said the storm appeared out of nowhere.

“Just started pouring down, raining, blowing leaves, the trees. We just kept hearing booms after boom,” she said about the storm.

Her street wasn’t alone. On West Hutchinson Avenue, a few streets over, a handful of trees fell onto homes.

“We have five within a two-block radius right here as of now,” said Carlos McClintock with the Greater Pitt Tree Service.

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Then a decades-old tree ripped up the sidewalk and fell into power lines. The Greater Pitt Tree Service had about six to seven jobs on Thursday.

“Calls are coming in quick. We just caught up from the last storm a couple weeks ago,” McClintock said.

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They had their work cut out for them.

“I’m going to go out on a limb, agree with you,” McClintock said with a laugh as he made the pun.

Damage was localized to a few streets. East End Avenue had a tree down but other streets just had some branches and leaves.

“We were amazed that we had seen so little evidence of this kind of thing just a few blocks away,” neighbor Robert Drennan said. “Then all of a sudden, there were these limbs all over the place and trees down.”

“It’s very surprising. I’ve never been through a big storm like this,” Ochs said.

The storm rolled through when most residents were already having problems.

“The night before the storm, our power went out because transformers were blowing up. Then we had a water main break, a gas leak fire on Pennwood Avenue. After that night of catastrophe, we thought we’d dodged a bullet,” said Dave Goggin.

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According to 911, there have been no reports of any injuries.