PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It’s like deja vu on Union Avenue this weekend.

Once again, someone tried to drive through floodwaters and go stuck.

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The water was above the road’s guardrails at the time and the driver required a water rescue.

They were safely rescued from the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the basement of Bill Kerr has flooded once again, requiring firefighters to pump the water out.

He says the water rose up to at least three feet in his basement and he’s frustrated because this road has flooded multiple times over the last few months.

Most recently was just last Sunday and again a driver needed to be rescued after their vehicle became stuck in the floodwater.

Union Avenue is near the border of Bellevue and Ross Township, Kerr says a culvert in Spruce Run Creek backs up during storms and that causes the flooding.

He says he’s tired of watching the water rise in front of his home.

“It’s frustrating, it kind of is what it is right now but it is frustrating so I’m now going to have to deal with this throughout this weekend and try to get my basement cleaned up, and hopefully it doesn’t rain more,” Kerr said.

According to Kerr, PennDOT did clear out some debris in the culvert last weekend when it flooded and it still flooded on Saturday.

Township officials say the road and the creek are PennDOT’s responsibility.

There is no timetable for when Union Avenue could reopen.