By Kristine Sorensen

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – In September of 2021, Pittsburgh will be the tenth city in the U.S. to get a hot new exhibit traveling the country called “Immersive Van Gogh”.

Sunflowers, starry nights and impressionist brush strokes are familiar images, but never have you seen Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings like this.

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Corey Ross, the producer of the exhibit called“Immersive Van Gogh”, says, “What we’ve done is we’ve created this incredible animation. Van Gogh’s pieces come to life. There’s movement inside the pieces – clouds fly by and stars twinkle and sunflowers sway in the breeze.”

Producer Corey Ross explains that the animated video is projected with five-hundred thousand cubic feet of imagery on walls, floors and ceilings for an immersive experience, choreographed to original music.

It’s the vision of Massimiliano Siccardi who’s been pioneering this new art form in Europe for 30 years.

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“It’s an emotional, sensory experience that hopefully brings you closer, emotionally and psychologically, to Van Gogh, or at least it gives you Massimiliano Siccardi’s interpretation of what might have been going on in Van Gogh’s mind,” Ross says.

The show has sold out with extended runs in other cities. It comes to Pittsburgh Sept. 23, and it is sold out as of Sept. 3, but dates are being added. Ross says it attracts both art-lovers and those who don’t traditionally visit museums or galleries.

“They’re coming in because it’s exciting and it’s high tech and it’s an opportunity to experience art in a new way,” he says.

Tickets are on sale now. They are timed to spread out the visitors but you can stay as long as you like.

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KDKA will let you where it’s happening when that’s revealed.

Kristine Sorensen