Guests were deplaned and brought back into the terminal, and no one was injured.By Ross Guidotti

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Spirit Airlines says a potential maintenance issue forced pilots to abandon their take-off from Las Vegas to Pittsburgh.

As Spirit Flight 334 returned to the gate at McCarran International Airport, the aircraft experienced a flat tire. The airline said when the tires blew out, then the brakes caught on fire.

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According to the company, the pilot and first officer noticed a mechanical issue just as the plane was about to go airborne.

It was a go or no-go and the flight officers decided to not risk it.

“This is a big decision. Fortunately, this is a decision we practice, a rejected takeoff,” said Richard Levy, a retired airline pilot.

“When we talk about aviation, we have to use RRS or resource management,” he added.

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Basically, that means keeping a clear head and manage the emergency.

Levy makes clear having not been on the flight deck and not knowing the exact details of the mechanical problem, the act of taking a plane loaded with fuel and passengers and getting it to stop would explain the tires and breaks catching fire.

Regardless, Levy said the crew saved the airplane and passengers, and that is all that matters.

“If I were talking to the captain and first officer, I’d look them in the eye and say you did a fantastic job,” Levy said.

Guests were deplaned and brought back into the terminal. Spirit says no one was hurt during the incident.

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The passengers received hotel and meal accommodations and a future travel voucher before safely landing in Pittsburgh.