The Oakmont Water Authority says it expects to have the problem fixed by Sept. 30.By Jennifer Borrasso

PENN HILLS, Pa. (KDKA) – Some Penn Hills residents are under a Boil Water Advisory after a mouse was found in the Oakmont Water Authority’s distribution system.

The authority is flushing the affected system after the mouse was found in a covered reservoir at a tank site. Chlorine and bacteria samples will be taken once that’s done to make sure the water is safe to drink again.

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The authority says it expects the problem to be fixed by Sept. 30.

For a list of affected streets and what you should do if you’re under the advisory, click here.

One of the customers impacted is Andrew Fitch, who lives on Peridot Drive. He learned of the news on Facebook.

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“Kind of disgusting there was a mouse in there. That’s all they were saying,” Fitch said. “How could it happen? How does a mouse get into the water supply?”

At the nearby Stop & Shop on Hamlin Road, the impact is already being felt.

“I’ve sold a lot of ice, even on a chilly day like this. It’s affecting a lot of people,” said owner Greg Schlauch.

But there are some inconveniences.

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“There’s no coffee. Cappuccino, we shut it down. Hopefully, it will take a day or two before it comes back up,” Schlauch said.

Jennifer Borrasso