Carlynton School District Superintendent John Kreider said no weapons or contraband were found.

CARNEGIE Pa. (KDKA) – Security has been increased at Carlynton Junior/Senior High School because of a potential threat that was found written on a bathroom wall.

Robinson Township police were on school property all day Friday and school officials searched students’ backpacks. KDKA was told everything went smoothly with the added security. Carlynton School District Superintendent John Kreider said no weapons or contraband were found.

“I wanted to pull him out of school, but unfortunately in the day in age that we’re in, I can’t keep him home all the time,” said Sharon Volenec-Talmonti.

That’s how this parent felt when she learned about a potential threat written on a bathroom wall at her son’s school.

A letter to parents from the Carlynton School District said, “The specific nature of the threat involved a drawing of a gun, a list of first names of five students, and the whole school. The date of October 1st was also written on the wall.”

This prompted tougher security on Friday.

“We had police officers, a few cars. There was a line, they were going through the backpacks as promised and there were a lot more teachers. They were out in the parking lot, and they were watching things,” she said.

Some parents who did not want to go on camera said they decided it was best to keep their kids home on Friday. Other parents felt it was safe enough because of the quick action by the district and police.

The superintendent said their student attendance on Friday was approximately 70 percent.

Volenec-Talmonti chose to take her son to school and believes the school district and Robinson Township police stepped up and took this seriously.

“I don’t want him to live in fear, I do not want that. He’s an athlete, he’s got a good friend group. This is a small district, we all know each other. Whoever did this should pay a penalty for that,” Volenec-Talmonti said.

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Police will work to keep the students safe by increasing their presence in the upcoming weeks.

“I hope there’s a presence for a while to the point where this is completely absolved, it’s gone. All you can do is hope,” she said.

Robinson Township Police Chief Tim Westwood said officials are investigating and he’s unable to provide more information.

Superintendent John Kreider said, “Our focus today was centered on making sure our students and staff were safe.”

Kreider sent another letter to parents that said several Robinson Township police officers were assigned to school grounds and officers remained in the school building for the duration of the school day.

Kreider said in the letter that the district will continue to work closely with Robinson Township police to investigate this case and increase their presence over the upcoming weeks. He also wrote that it’s extremely important for our students and families to report any unsafe behaviors or conditions that may lead to unsafe circumstances.

Anyone who has information related to this threat is asked to reach out to school administrators or send an anonymous tip through the Safe2Say portal.